Community Meeting Economic Development Next Steps: Forestry, Mills and Community Involvement

Posted: December 7th, 2011

MLA Michelle Mungall is  hosting a public meeting on the next steps for economic development in the Lardeau Valley  Thursday December 15 at the Lardeau Valley Community Hall. All are welcome to join the conversation and share positive ideas for the future.

“The Lardeau Valley has been negatively affected by the decline of the forest industry and poor operations at a local mill. I’ve met with the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations about these issues, and I’d like to share that conversation with the community. Also, with potential changes in the future, it is important that the community is aware of their options and informed about the possibilities,” says Mungall. “At the root of this is the area’s economic development, where job creation and prosperity are key.”

Mungall is looking forward to a positive conversation and hearing some great ideas. There will be a panel of local experts to speak and answer questions, as well as information on how to move the local economy through the next stages of development.

What: MLA Michelle Mungall is Hosting a

When: Thursday December 14

6:30- 8:00 pm

Where: Lardeau Valley Community Hall

All Welcome. Light refreshments will be served

More info 1-877-388-4498

Meadow Creek Notes

Meadow Creek Meeting, Lardeau Valley Community Centre- December 15th, 2011

Finding a market:

  • Questions about quality meadow creek cedar is at
  • Very interested in direct employment
  • After community forest hopes for a saw mill
  • Processing their own wood
  • Community forest, co-op, incorporation, community (options)

Other concerns were communication and transportation:

  • Transportation highway maintenance – Last time highways were updated 1966?
  • Communication lack of internet – These both slow down business
  • Concerns about being forgotten
  • Suggestions on updating road to Revelstoke

Agricultural concerns:

  • Farming about 1000 acres
  • Lots of opportunity five jobs one full time farmer
  • Returns per year exceeds the prairies
  • Thistle problems
  • Denied alfalfa land from ALR land is permanently out of production

Mention of the Forest Health Community Forum run through Selkirk

Stumpage % returned back to community

Looking into a clearer vision with community forests

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